Hi, my name is Sarah

and writing is as much a part of who I am as it is something I do. I wrote my first “novel” when I was four, and I don’t think I have stopped writing since then. I love coffee and rain, good talks and good music, books that make you feel, and stories about dreams come true. I believe in the power we each have to change our world, even – especially – our own tiny little part of it. I am passionate about doing what I love, and passionate about helping others get to do what they love, too. Life is nothing if we do not passionately pursue what we were created to do. My passion in writing is connecting your ideas with the right words so you can communicate them to the world. I'd love to talk, and find out how I can help you bring definition to your message. Write me a note so we can connect!

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I am here to write for you.

My experience includes a variety of writing styles, and I am open to projects of all shapes and sizes.

Here are a few of my specialties...



Helping an existing piece of work become the best that it can be.


Creating written content for websites, product descriptions, brochures, video scripts.


Taking your ideas and ghostwriting newsletters, blogs, articles, traditional letters, etc.


Project idea you want to talk about? Wondering about pricing? Just want to say hi? Just write me a note! I look forward to talking.
A picture says a thousand words, and a good photographer knows how to capture an image that tells a whole story from start to finish, conveying the emotion of the moment. In the same way, words create a picture in our minds that really has nothing to do with the actual words as much as what’s being communicated by the words. After the words have been said, there is the reading between the lines that is where the real communication begins – the communication of emotion and purpose and idea. Much of what we mean to say is said in the ellipsis of our thoughts, the three little dots after a sentence where we are left to understand what has really been said without being said. What you say isn’t as important as how you say it. What your words communicate isn’t necessarily what they say at all. Often, we listen without hearing. The same is true with our words: we read without comprehending. Successfully communicating is being heard. Being understood. Without being heard and understood, we are not realizing our full potential. My purpose is to create sentences and paragraphs that help you say what you really want to say, to help you clearly articulate your thoughts, your mission, your purpose behind the words through the sentences I create for you. I am here to make sure you are heard and truly understood by your audience.